Image: Juri Junkov

The Schöpflin Foundation’s Second Education Forum


The Schöpflin Foundation is pleased to invite teachers and educators from Lörrach and the surrounding area to its second Education Forum, to be held at the Foundation’s Werkraum in Brombach at 16.30 on 12th February.  Participants can choose from four thematic workshops and exchange views on the challenges they face in everyday school life.  Following on from the workshops the emeritus neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther will give a talk on the natural joy children experience through learning and give some thoughts on how schools can maintain children’s curiosity and their desire for knowledge.

Participation is free. Further information on the event and on how to register can be found at (in German).

The Schöpflin Foundation’s Education Forum is part of a series of impulse events called Lernen Anders (A New Way of Learning), whereby different formats are used to give new impulses on and demonstrate new ways in which schools and teachers in the Lörrach area can develop both their own skills and their schools.