Chancellor Angela Merkel visits KIRON


The Chancellor spent an hour with the students, chatting to them about their experiences with the online study program; about how they then transfer to a partner university; and in general, about their lives in Germany. Nyima Jadama spoke about fleeing Gambia. She was a victim of political persecution because of her involvement with the women’s rights campaign. Today she is studying politic science with the Kiron Open Higher Education program and also works with local refugee projects on improving integration. The head of the Foundation, Hans Schöpflin, and its Managing Director, Tim Göbel, are delighted by the success of the program participants. In a statement, they comment that »not only is our start-up finance in Kiron bearing fruit for refugees in terms of the actual courses on offer, it is also highly regarded by politicians.« The Schöpflin Foundation is Kiron’s principal backer. In the period 2016-2018 the Foundation is investing a total of €1.5 million in what is the world’s largest education project for refugees.