Image: Stiftung Mitarbeit

Nationwide Fund for the Promotion of Democracy


As a sign of solidarity and support for those people and organizations that work – day in, day out – to shape democracy, a consortium - made up of the Schöpflin Foundation and seven other German foundations - has come together to establish the ‘Fund for the Promotion of Democracy’ (German: ‘Förderfonds für Demokratie’);

the initial fund value is €825,000.   Grants from the Fund are available to support initiatives, associations and other players in their work in shaping and strengthening democracy in Germany.  Democracy initiatives across Germany can each apply for one-off micro-financing to the value of €5,000.

At a time when society has become highly polarized, the Schöpflin Foundation wants the fund to help support those groups and organizations that are committed to a vibrant and respectful democracy.   Through the Fund, organizations can obtain financial help and advice for their democracy-strengthening projects and initiatives.

Groups from across Germany may apply for a grant. Organizations and associations that are based in Lörrach and the surrounding region and are committed to the promotion of greater democracy are also very welcome to apply for funding.

“Through our own activities we know just how committed the people of Lörrach are when it comes to democratic participation.  That is why we want to promote this national initiative here in the Lörrach region too.  We see how motivated local initiatives are, and how they manage – with limited resources – to bring together people from across the region to discuss ideas about democracy,” says Tim Göbel.

Civil society initiatives such as charities, foundations, children and youth projects and social enterprises committed to an open society and its democratic values may apply for grants from 1st July this year.  You can find more information about the fund and how to apply for a grant by going to the website:

This joint initiative is supported by the following foundations: Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Bertelsmann Foundation, Deutsche Telekom Foundation, Körber Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation, Mercator Foundation, Gerda Henkel Foundation and the Schöpflin Foundation.