Picture: Christopher Malapatin

»EU Migration Policy Summit« in Brussels


On 7th June 2018 Hans Schöpflin and the Director of our Flight & Integration Program, Anna Häßlin, took part in the »EU Migration Policy Summit« hosted in Brussels by the »HELLO Europe« initiative. »HELLO Europe« was founded by our grantees, Ashoka. The initiative identifies powerful solutions related to migration from around the world and helps scale them in Europe.

The aim of the Brussels conference was to bring together social entrepreneurs, beneficiaries and EU policy makers to exchange good practices on migration and then together to develop an improved framework for identifying and supporting successful initiatives. By bringing together these key groups, HELLO Europe hoped new synergies would emerge for national and EU-wide strategies that result in Europe becoming the open, participatory and inclusive community that it aspires to be. Thirteen social entrepreneurs presented the projects they are currently running. Among the social entrepreneurs were the following grantees from our Flight & Integration programme: KIRON, SchlaU-Werkstatt für Migrationspädagogik, SINGA Deutschland and Social-Bee.