FABRIC Workshop at the Summer Party


The group was then joined by all the other Schöpflin Foundation colleagues – from the Werkraum, the Villa and the Montessori building. Based on the motto »Let’s build a population« the FABRIC team asked all those present to consider what sort of beings should populate the Schöpflin Foundation’s site in the future. Using a variety of means, all the participants sketched out their ideas of wondrous creatures.  These were then transferred to templates, and then finally immortalised on chairs and parasols put together by the participants themselves. Many thanks to the FABRIC team for this wonderful group experience. The exhibits created together by the participants and the team will now go on display and continue to be used at the FABRIC site. Then, after a short presentation by Felix Oldenburg, the Secretary General of the Association of German Foundations, the more relaxed part of an otherwise very active day began, during which there was lively and fun interaction and an exchange of ideas between Foundation colleagues and joint sponsors.