Illustration: Das NETTZ

Fighting against manipulative narratives in the election campaign


The question of who decides which issues should be discussed by the general population is a thorny one, particularly during an election campaign.  We have been witnessing radicalization for some time now.  Hate and disinformation are spreading online, and the boundaries of what it is acceptable to say are being pushed further and further back.  Through its podcast, DISKURS zur WAHL, the Das NETTZ initiative wants to play its part in reversing this disastrous trend.

In a series of 10 podcasts, physician, political scientist and journalist Gilda Sahebi and experts from the media, civil society, politics and academia explore the extent to which deliberate misinformation and smear campaigns influence the election campaign and what we can do to counter these manipulative narratives.  It is also about selecting themes to examine – rather than being led by others – and giving a voice to marginalized groups as well as activists and those campaigning on particular issues.

Through our Media & Society program we are providing financial backing to this podcast because it supports and promotes the formation of political opinion and brings into focus those who are committed to an open society and a diverse, vibrant democracy.

Das NETTZ sees itself as a networking initiative against hate speech.  It promotes moral courage in the digital space and advocates a positive culture of debate and opinion online.  It is independent but is supported operationally and organizationally by the betterplacelab, the digital-social think-and-do tank operated by the nonprofit social enterprise, which also operates Germany's largest online donation platform,

The podcasts will appear approximately every two weeks from June through October and are also available on YouTube.   You can find more information and links to previous episodes here.