Stifter Hans Schöpflin

Hans Schöpflin at the construction site of »Non-Profit Journalism Centre« in Berlin-Neukölln. / Foto: Detflef Eden

Hans Schöpflin honored with the »German Founder’s Prize«


As an »award for an encourager«, the Federal Association of German Foundations honors the entrepreneur and long-time philanthropist Hans Schöpflin with the German Founder´s Prize for his nationwide and local commitment.

Our benefactor is honored for his tireless search for social innovations that make the young and coming generation fit for the challenges of the present and future. Particular emphasis is placed on his courage to take risks, which he brings to the work of his foundation from his entrepreneurial activities. »Hans Schöpflin is an encourager. True to his motto 'Everything flows. Everything changes', he supports people and organizations that work for a better future for the forthcoming generations, experiment with new ideas and work for a fairer and more sustainable world,« says Prof. Dr. Joachim Rogall, Chairman of the Board of the Association of German Foundations, explaining this year's decision.

»I am very pleased and touched by this honor, because all this commitment, the numerous activities in Lörrach, but also nationwide and Europe-wide would not be possible without trusting relationships with people and genuine long-term partnerships. This is therefore a tribute to all those who have helped to make this possible in recent years,« says Hans Schöpflin.

The ceremony and award ceremony will take place during the next German Foundation Day in Leipzig on 17 June 2020.