Jahresrückblick 2019

Image: Schöpflin Foundation

2019 – an eventful year!


An eventful year lies behind us, in which the Foundation and all its institutions have driven many initiatives forward: exciting experiments in democracy were dared, places of encounter were created and people were invited to contribute their ideas and suggestions to the shaping of our future.

At the heart of our work is the promotion of democratic participation, the ability to critically examine oneself and one's own life-world, and the idea that we can all learn from diversity and the knowledge of the many. In order to make the young and coming generation fit for the future, we have made it our task to tackle social challenges at various levels. Only in this way can we learn to understand the »big picture« and shape change in a future-oriented manner. Read below some of this year´s highlights of how we have tried to set the course for a vibrant democracy, a diverse society and critical awareness raising:

Werkraum Schöpflin: The »place for agitation«

As a place of culture and debate, the Werkraum Schöpflin once again offered two current theme series and many workshops. The following events were our highlights from the program in 2019:

Theme series »Maschine Macht Mensch«, spring 2019

| Exhibition Human Study #1 3RNP (drawing robots by Patrick Tresset): 3 robots named Paul (3RNP) drew a total of 456 portraits of over 200 visitors during the exhibition.

| At the event »Data, Algorithms & Responsibility« with Frank Rieger (speaker of the Chaos Computer Club, net activist and author), Rena Tangens (co-founder of Digitalcourage, data protection activist and artist), and Ben Wizner, the US-American lawyer of whistleblower Edward Snowden (connected live via video), Birgit Degenhardt and Tim Göbel discussed in March how algorithms control and regulate more and more areas of our everyday life.

Theme series "A breath, a shoo, a moment. Theatre and events about happiness", autumn 2019

| At the end of November we celebrated the premiere of »Glück« (happiness), a theatre with puppets and drama. In three sold-out performances the audience followed in an extraordinary atmosphere with live music how even the saviour and redeemer doubts the world. And we listened to the stories of the cat of a famous fashion tsar…

Villa Schöpflin: Become active before addiction develops

As a centre for addiction prevention, Villa Schöpflin is dedicated to provide advice and services in the district of Lörrach and throughout Germany. This year, the team of the  Villa Schöpflin has put extra effort in working on these two programs:

| In cooperation with the federal network HaLT, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and the GKV-Spitzenverband, intensive work was done to further develop the framework concept of HaLT, which will now be published at the beginning of 2020. This is an important step towards implementing a quality management and funding concept.

| In addition, the first 21 trainers from eight federal states were trained in the new media prevention program »Max & Min@«. The training was organised in cooperation with the funding partner »KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse«. With the help of a train-the-trainer concept, nationwide distribution was initiated. From 2020, schools in the Lörrach district will also be able to attend »Max & Min@«.

Our funding activities: future-oriented partnerships and funding

The five topics Flight & Integration, Economy & Democracy, School & Development, Non-profit Journalism and our experimental area for future topics, Schöpflin Biotop, are dedicated in very different ways to the question: How can multifaceted participation and critical awareness raising be strengthened in our democracy? A handful of highlights from this year's funding activities are:

| Economy & Democracy: Together with the NGO »Mehr Demokratie e.V.«, the Schöpflin Foundation has initiated the project »Citizens´ Assembly on Democracy«, which has so far been unique at the federal level. 160 randomly selected German citizens drew up 22 recommendations on how our democracy could be strengthened during a four-day citizens' council meeting. This citizens' report was ceremonially presented to the President of the Bundestag, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, on the »Day for Democracy« on 15 November.

| Flight & Integration: In the past year, we have intensively dealt with the social framework conditions of integration and will continue this work in the coming year. In this context, for example, the cooperation with our partner Kiron was extended. Kiron gives refugees access to higher education and thus creates important conditions for integration. In our program »Perspektive: (neu)Start«, efforts have been continued to build start-up support programs for the self-employment of refugees. We will intensify advocacy work for these approaches in the coming year.

| School & Development: In addition to our local activities, such as the Pedagogical Forum in February, we have announced our plan to found our own primary school on the FABRIC site in Brombach. This was a very important milestone for us and we are looking forward to the planning process. More next year.

| Non-profit Journalism: At this year's Campfire Festival in Düsseldorf, which was organized by our funding partner CORRECTIV, several thousand people came together to exchange ideas in workshops on journalism and democracy. The Schöpflin Foundation too organised several workshops and talks on the topic of »Flight & Journalism« - a full success!

The foundation is active in many areas and its work is always aimed at creating new platforms for exchange and encounter. It has achieved this locally, above all with FABRIC, the local participation project. From the more than 1,600 contributions submitted in the »Wunschproduktion« for the design and use of the foundation's premises, ideas were already implemented in summer. We have seen that the offer is particularly used by young families as a meeting place with and for children that come to play. Next year the project will enter the next phase of realisation.

The Foundation's objective of facilitating critical exchange is also lived out in its own working methods. Since we see ourselves as a learning organisation, we have for the first time conducted a partner survey and have obtained feedback from our funding partners and critical friends. We have put our funding methodology and role as a foundation under scrutiny and received valuable feedback.

We would like to thank all our partners for the good cooperation, the constructive exchange and their commitment! We wish you contemplative holidays and an energetic start into the New Year!