Stop bargaining! Why we need to shape politics


A report on free trade agreements published by the Schöpflin Foundation and the Institut für Partizipatives Gestalten IPG (Institute for Participatory Design) concludes that there is a fundamental lack of knowledge and awareness in politics about inclusive, transparent and participatory process design. And yet, such an approach would lead to greater legimitation, and, above all, to better results.

This applies not only to international agreements on trade policies, but also to national projects such as social legislation or local planning such as wind energy projects. The actors involved in such projects are usually primarily interested in strategies to implement their positions, but good solutions to complex challenges can only be developed collectively.

As part of the »Cocreating European Trade Policy« project, the IPG and the Schöpflin Foundation have developed initial approaches on how procedures for the development of international trade agreements can be made more democratic, sustainable and participatory. The report contains ideas for change and a draft concept for the »European Days of Democratic Innovation«. It also describes what a European participatory process could look like in order to develop innovative ideas on democratic development in the EU and in order to introduce a participatory working method into existing institutions and their procedures.

Click here to read the full report "Cocreating European Trade Policy".