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Culture Workshop: Dance Project with Alan Brooks


As part of its Flight & Integration program, the Schöpflin Foundation supports projects and organisations that promote the long-term social integration and employment of refugees. Under the motto »Helping People to Help Themselves« the idea is to enable refugees to play an active part in their own social integration and in finding work.  Cultural workshops run by the JOBLINGE Initiative enable participants to gauge their own individual potential; to discover and demonstrate their talents; and to make full use of them.

So – what does modern dance performed to an audience of strangers have to do with finding a place on a training program? Participants on a JOBLINGE program at its two venues in Munich worked hard to find the answer: and to do so, they worked under the supervision of the highly-respected dance teacher, Alan Brooks, who has 15 years’ experience of working with children and young people on dance projects.

This was a completely new experience for the participants.  »We quickly realised«, said Emine Sentürk, one of the participants, »that we had to work together in order to create the dance, step by step. We also realised there was no right way and no wrong way to do it.« This was a successful event for the participants as it showed them what they were capable of. The experience can increase their self-confidence and thus have a positive impact on their future employability.

The Schöpflin Foundation has awarded this program a grant of €30,000. For more information on the JOBLINGE cultural program, click on the link below.