Image: Association of German Foundations

»Let’s talk about the future of giving«


The Association, in collaboration with Julius Bertram – a social entrepreneur and the brains behind »Goodcast« – will be inviting experts to talk about their ideas on the future of giving.

Over the course of four episodes listeners will be able to hear exciting conversations on topics covering: capital and its effects; democracy; gender and diversity; and the Association’s »Next Philanthropy« initiative.  It’s hoped listeners will feel inspired by the speakers – who see their work as a stimulus for social change – and incorporate some of the ideas into their own work.

»Goodcast« launches on 20th February with a conversation with the former member of the German Parliament, Gerhard Schick.  With support from the Schöpflin Foundation - and as the initiator and founder of the citizens movement and NGO, Finanzwende - Herr Schick has been working since August 2018 to promote a greener and fairer financial system.

You can find all the Goodcast episodes at:

They are also available on your mobile via iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

The Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Association of German Foundations) is producing the podcast series with the support of the Schöpflin Foundation.