Illustration: Jill Senft

Machines : Power : People


The digital revolution covers every aspect of life – from economics to politics to education; from mobility to criminal proceedings to social interaction.  The Werkraum Schöpflin’s series of events and talks on digitalisation – under the title »Machines : Power : People« – kicks off on 15th October with a presentation by Sascha Lobo who will talk about digital human rights.  Then »9.30am in Germany – a workday in 2030« (Morgens, halb zehn in Deutschland – Ein Arbeitstag im Jahr 2030) is a production by the National Academy of Sciences in conjunction with the Halle Puppet Theatre (18th October).  The Data Detox Brunch hosted by Tactical Tech (21st October) will detoxify your smartphone or laptop.  And listening stations playing readings from »Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow« by Yuval Noah Harari will give participants the chance to discuss the optimisation of the human race (25th October).

On 8th November we will host an exchange of ideas with Mario Wolters (from the technology services company Alexander Bürkle, Freiburg) and Bernhard Demuth.  On 27th November we will be showing the documentary, »Pre-Crime«; this will be followed by a discussion with the lawyer, Angela Furmaniak.  On 29th November author Holger Volland will present his book, »Die kreative Macht der Maschinen« (The Creative Power of Machines); and two performances (7th and 8th December) of »Algorithmen« (»Algorithms«) by Turbo Pascal will drag these issues from the shadows of computer centres into the bright lights of the stage.

Illustrated by Jill Senft