Neue Förderpartnerschaften mit AlgorithmWatch, Hate Aid, Veto, Maxim Gorki Theater

Collage: Schöpflin Stiftung / logos provided by the organizations

Meet our new grantees!


The funding portfolio of the program areas Economy & Democracy and Non-profit Journalism was supplemented this year by a further four grants.

In the program area Economy & Democracy, we are strengthening our portfolio with the funding of:

  • AlgorithmWatch: As a research and advocacy organization, the NGO investigates algorithmic decision-making systems used by companies and the state. AlgorithmWatch is committed to ensuring that automated decision-making systems are used for the benefit of individuals and society. The complexity of these systems and the resulting ethical questions are not always accessible to us as citizens. Therefore we support the educational work of AlgorithmWatch. In this way, we want to contribute to a sustainable anchoring and effect of the advocacy work, which is important for journalists and decision makers in politics and business, but also for the public.
  • HateAid: HateAid supports victims of digital violence and thus protects our democracy in the digital age. Fear of hatred and hate systematically leads people to withdraw from debates on the net. HateAid wants to counteract this and develop the digital space into a safe place for the democratic decision-making process, in which people can communicate with each other respectfully and at eye level. We would like to support this project and motivate the companies behind the social media platforms as well as the politics and administration in Germany to take responsibility for our democracy and especially for those affected by digital violence.
  • Maxim Gorki Theatre, production »The Dictatorship of Corporations«: The Maxim Gorki Theatre is a long-standing partner of the Foundation. Under the direction of Shermin Langhoff, the Gorki Theatre is a place where constructions of nation, identity and belonging are brought into a critical exchange with history, translocal references and the art of theatre-making. As a house that clearly acknowledges the responsibility of art in public discourse, we are sponsoring a theatre production based on Thilo Bode's book »The Dictatorship of Corporations«, which will focus on three projects and accompanying discussions dedicated to critical reflection on the power of corporations. We are supporting this production because we too - just like the Gorky Theatre - are asking the question: In what society do we want to live

The portfolio in the program area of non-profit journalism is supplemented by the funding partnership with the protest magazine VETO. VETO is a magazine for protest and responsibility and is published by Rederei gUG. True to the motto »Who is civil society?«, the agency wants to make visible the commitment and the people who deal with civil society issues on a daily basis. Just like VETO, we believe that this commitment must be honored. The experience and ideas of the many committed people should be bundled and shared through the magazine in order to make successful strategies and projects accessible to the public.

We look forward to a critical and constructive exchange with our new grantees!