Manne Lucha visits the Villa Schöpflin


On Thursday 16th November 2017 the Minister for Social Affairs and Integration for the State of Baden-Württemberg, Manne Lucha, visited the Addiction Prevention centre at the Villa Schöpflin.The main topic of discussion during the visit was the proposal – by the Schöpflin Foundation and the Villa Schöpflin – to set up a framework agreement with the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg covering the alcoholism prevention program, »HaLT – Hart am Limit«. The purpose of the agreement would be to ensure that services provided by this program should be covered under the State’s health insurance scheme. This would also require the setting up of a service that would coordinate the scheme across Baden-Württemberg’s 23 health insurance offices. Following his visit, Minister Lucha said he was impressed by what he had seen and promised ongoing support from the relevant department in his ministry.