New Event Series This Season at the Werkraum


The latest program of events at the Werkraum is all about how young people communicate – and how we in turn, as creatives or as a foundation, can communicate with young people. So first and foremost, we want to give young people the chance to speak. Our Conference of Essential Issues (13-16 April), for example, will be an opportunity for us to get together and create, laugh and discuss. Then on 23rd June we’ll welcome a trap-music rapper in the form of Juicy Gay. Our hip-hop dance workshop will enable young people to express themselves through dance rather than in words (30th June and 1st July). We’ll watch short films (17th May); listen to an extraordinary talk on Generations X, Y and Z (13th June); meet a YouTuber (26th April); and we’ll be transported back to a time when the telling of fairy tales was the ‘social media’ platform of choice (14th June).

And finally, we’ll conduct a brave experiment where we don’t yet know what the outcome will be: we’ll have an exchange of ideas with young people about setting up a Youth Council (for our own Werkraum, for Lörrach – for the world even…!).

Whichever way you communicate – through comic strips or the latest argot, Kiezdeutsch; denglish or internet slang – we can’t wait to find out what will happen.  We look forward to seeing you – young and old!

Illustration by Jill Senft