First Lörrach Future Day A Great Success


The aim of the first Future Day, held on Monday 16th October at Lörrach castle, was for the event to be a showcase of ideas. More than 270 people came to the event to see and discuss the results of the Future Forum and to hear the keynote speech by Harald Welzer.  Throughout the castle a total of 11 projects and case studies were on display looking at the issue of how we live and how that relates to our lives and our work.  The many visitors were able to see all the projects close up, to ask questions, to discuss the issues the projects raise – and, in the case of one particular exhibit, namely a mobile home called the Tiny House, they were actually able to take a look inside. Future Day therefore achieved its goal of stimulating discussion and encouraging an exchange of ideas between various stakeholders and interested parties.

In order to see what happens next with the various projects we would like to invite you – together with our partners, fairNETZt, to a follow-up event at the Schöpflin Foundation Werkraum on 15th November 2017 at 6.30pm.