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Local People, Local Power at Future Forum Lörrach+


The Lörrach+ Future Forum is launching its latest project – »Local People – Local Power«  – and a new competition for the Lörrach+ Future Forum Prize.  Other new features include a dedicated website and a Facebook page.

What’s the best way to organise neighbourhood support and contact?  How do local economies actually work?  How does the system of locally produced food work?  What’s the most sensible way to develop local districts?

It is these – and other related questions – that we want to examine as part of this year’s Lörrach+ Future Forum, all under the collective heading »Local People – Local Power« .  There are various formats in which we can examine these issues.  These include: projects, citizen initiatives, social enterprises, discussion and research groups, photographic exhibitions, Apps, school competitions or business cooperation projects.  And everyone in Lörrach and the surrounding area is more than welcome to get involved and take part.  The first ideas workshop – which will include more information about the overall project – takes place at 18:30 on 21st March in the Schöpflin Werkraum in Lörrach.  The second ideas workshop will take place on 18th April, also at 18:30 and in the Schöpflin Werkraum.

The Lörrach+ Future Forum continues to be a joint project between the civic platform, fairNETZt, and the Schöpflin Foundation.  This year, in addition to running its well-established ideas workshops, Lörrach+ will also invite local people and initiatives to submit projects, which will then be judged as part of a competition.  Winners will be awarded the »Lörrach+ Future Prize«.  They will receive a small cash prize and then be offered advisory and consultation sessions designed to help prize winners develop their ideas further and in a sustainable way.  Furthermore, the Future Forum is now also able to provide all the key information about the Prize on a dedicated website; this is also where you can find information on all the Future Forum’s projects and initiatives.

On 16th October we will hold our ‘Futures Day’ at the Burghof events centre in Lörrach where all the projects from and participants in the Future Forum will be presented, discussed and celebrated.