[Translate to English:] Illustration: Initiative #Vertrauen Macht Wirkung

Initiative by foundations for foundations


In an age of climate change, digitalisation, equal opportunities and debate about mobility, foundations – for their part too - increasingly need to confront future issues and challenges and adapt accordingly.  In order to avoid this happening in isolation, the #Vertrauen Macht Wirkung Initiative has begun a conversation with foundations about future issues.  

The Initiative has published a list of nine statements setting out what foundations of the future need to look like. As well as being participative, diverse and transparent, foundations that want to make a contribution to future societies will also need to demonstrate that an ability to listen is at the heart of what they do – together with the ability to work with vision and in partnership with other players.

The Schöpflin Foundation – together with Ise Bosch, PHINEO, Wider Sense and other foundations – has declared its support for this Initiative. The idea is to encourage other foundations and players to join the Initiative and, together, to ensure that foundations become true drivers for the future: the principle here is to share front-line experience and put it into practice.

»Participative, transparent, diverse, innovative and fair: we want to live the values that we espouse. But we are very aware that this is an ongoing and step-by-step process. We have to keep on evolving and apply critical scrutiny to everything we do. The #Vertrauen Macht Wirkung initiative helps us – as part of a community of foundations with similar values – to learn from each other, to share our experiences and to move forward together,«says Tim Göbel, Managing Director of the Schöpflin Foundation.

You can find out more information (in German) about the Initiative at www.vertrauen-macht-wirkung.de.