1,500 Guests at Open House on 24.09.17

The events were spread right across the Schöpflin site and provided guests with a thorough insight into the Foundation’s multifaceted work. The Foundation’s longest-running programme – the Addiction Prevention Programme for Young People – was on display in the Villa Schöpflin. In the Werkraum Schöpflin there was a varied programme of workshops for children and adults; a puppet theatre; and a talk given by the Schöpflin siblings.  Through an exhibition and interactive talks, visitors were able to find out all about the wide-ranging aspects of the Foundation’s Europe-wide grant scheme.  Parents and children were also invited to a Montessori experience in the Schöpflin Children’s Centre and Garden Building.  Meanwhile colourful and creative prints were being devised in the Schöpflin Art Studio.

Albert Schöpflin has converted part of the former Schöpflin factory into a workshop and studio and opened its doors to visitors in order to display some of his works.  At the same time visitors were able to visit the FABRIC site and find out about the Foundation’s latest project.  And the whole event was topped off with an array of art, music, dishes from around the world and a bar serving alcohol-free cocktails.  At the end of a sunny, lively and eventful day, we were treated to a live commentary on the results of the parliamentary elections by Mrs Herta Däubler-Gmelin.