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Wintergäste Reloaded (Winter Guests Reloaded) Program: The Sun Rises in the East!


From 13th January to 10th February the Wintergäste Reloaded program will present ten staged readings at several of the region’s performance spaces: the Werkraum Schöpflin (Lörrach-Brombach); the Reithalle (a former indoor riding arena) on the Wenkenhof Estate in Riehen, Basle (CH); and at the Druckereihalle venue at the Ackermannshof, also in Basle.

Marion Schmidt-Kumke – the Wintergäste dramatic advisor – has chosen literary works from Azerbaijan, Western Ukraine, Poland, the former GDR and Russia.  And for the Carte-Blanche section of the program – which gives young playwrights the chance to produce a Wintergäste reading in whatever way and format they choose – Yannick Zürcher has selected texts by the Russian author, Daniil Charms.

Prominent actors will read Christa Wolf’s »Medea. Stimmen« (»Medea: a modern retelling«), Nikolai Gogols »Aufzeichnungen eines Wahnsinnigen« (»Diary of a Madman«), Olga Grjasnowa's »Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt« (»All Russians Love Birch Trees«), Joseph Roth's »Das falsche Gewicht« (»Weights and Measures«); , Daniil Charms’s »Jelisaweta. Bam. Dialogisches. Fetzen« (»Jelizaveta Bam – scraps of dialogue«) und Stanislaw Lem's »Solaris«.

The Werkraum Schöpflin has co-produced this series of events together with the Basle-based Verein Wintergäste. We are grateful for the generous support of the Sulger Foundation, the GGG Basel association, and the municipality of Riehen.

For more information and tickets please go to www.werkraum-schoepflin.de