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Flight & Integration

Flight and immigration present society with a challenge – namely how to integrate refugees and immigrants into a nation, both in terms of employment and social integration in general. The Schöpflin Foundation therefore supports projects and organisations that work to promote the long-term integration of people with a migration background.

Non-Profit Journalism

Journalism is going through a period of upheaval. Old business models are becoming less and less effective. Media diversity is under threat. Non-profit journalism is one of many responses to what some people are calling the »crisis in the media«. We believe it is a necessary addition to state-funded and commercial journalism because a free press is a prerequisite for an open society and a vibrant democracy.

Schöpflin Biotop

The Schöpflin Biotop think-tank focuses on projects that are not mainstream, but which are so interesting and promising that we feel they are worthy of further investigation. The Biotop may throw up new issues, or give rise to new cooperation projects. In short, the Biotop is where the Schöpflin Foundation can experiment with its own future.

Economy & Democracy

In the right quantities, the economy and democracy go together like salt and pepper. But today the pursuit of profit dominates the taste of politics; and democracy has become too insipid. That is why we promote organisations that are working on a »new recipe« – one that will make the economy more digestible and will once again give people a taste for democracy.


More and more school children are struggling with finding the right path for them: should they succumb to the increasing pressure to go to university and get a degree? Or should they try to gain a place on one of the rare apprenticeship schemes? At the same time, the divide between what children currently learn at school and the skills they will need in the course of their lives is becoming ever wider. It is time for a rethink – and to set a new course. The Schöpflin Foundation, together with its partners, is looking for new ways of doing things.


Our Venues

The Schöpflin Foundation’s culture and debating venue – a place for agitation.

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Act before addiction takes hold.

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The ideal breeding ground for creativity, inspiration and innovation.

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A very special place where individuals learn how to become integrated members of the community.

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A creative town planning project using the knowledge of the many to re-design part of the town…

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Schöpflin Werkraum announces Workshops for Children & Young People


Registration for all 2019 workshops now open!

Wintergäste Reloaded (Winter Guests Reloaded) Programme: The Sun Rises in the East!


A Programme of ten staged readings in the Werkraum Schöpflin, Lörrach, and at venues in Switzerland...

The Schöpflin Foundation’s Second Education Forum


The foundation is pleased to invite teachers and educators from Lörrach and the surrounding area.

The New Trade Deals threaten financial stability


Veblen Institute and Finance Watch publish report on the impact of European trade policy.

New Werkraum Schöpflin Homepage Goes Live


The new website: clear, orange, informative – and using state-of-the-art technology

Machines : Power : People


Events on digitalisation in the Werkraum Schöpflin – including a talk by Sascha Lobo

Stop bargaining! Why we need to shape politics


Report of the Schöpflin Foundation and the IPG on Free Trade Agreements.

Summer Holiday Workshops for Children and Young Adults


Places still available for the Summer Holiday Workshops in the Schöpflin Werkraum