Mission Statement

Our Founders: The Schöpflin Family

Hans Schöpflin, Heidi Junghanss & Albert Schöpflin

Executive Board

Hans Schöpflin
Founder and Chair of the Executive Board
Tim Göbel
Executive Director

Advisory Board

The Schöpflin Foundation Management Team

Mia Pascale Bergert
Project Coordinator Non-Profit Journalism Centre
Yonas Brhane
Project Team Member Kiron Study Hub, Lörrach
Janne Callsen
Janne Callsen
Grants Management
Stefanie Drobnik
Communications Officer
Tim Göbel
Executive Director
Anne Golderer
Assistant to the Executive Director
Anna Häßlin
Programme Director Flight & Integration
Lukas Harlan
Programme Director Schöpflin Biotop & Non-Profit Journalism
Inge Haußig
Garden & Buildings Officer
Roland Maus
Facility Manager
Daniela Metzger
Programme Director Perspektive neuStart
Sabine Peitzmeier
Architect/Client Representation
Julia Röhrich
Programme Director Schools & Development
Hans Schöpflin
Chairman of the Executive Board
Alexandra Schulz
Office Manager
Margot Straub
Assistant to the Chairman of the Executive Board
Dorothee Vogt
Programme Director Economy & Democracy
Larissa Wegner
Advisor Communication & Public Relations
Dr. Constanze Wehner
Head of School Project
Murat Yarayan
Site Officer

Werkraum Schöpflin

Melanie Kuttler
Catering & Hiring Services
Vera Meister
Deputy Manager
Meike Müller-Heuss
Programme Director Workshops

Villa Schöpflin

Lena Butter
Prevention Professional B.Sc.
Vanessa Höke
Birgit Knapp
Research Officer HaLT Service Center
Anna Lauer
Anna Lauer
Prevention Professional B.A.
Daniel Ott
Deputy Manager HaLT Service Center Prevention Professional B.A.
Pia Scheeff
Prevention Professional M.Sc.
Lena Volk
Lena Volk
Manager HaLT Service Center Prevention Professional
Lena Wehrle
Prevention Professional B.A.
Franziska Zehner
Prevention Professional M.A.



We are working with the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Association of German Foundations).
We are taking part in and contributing to the Association’s working group on education; its forum on philanthropic foundations; and its expert group on quality journalism.

We are a member of the international platform F20 and, together with over 60 other foundations and philanthropic organizations, are committed to the implementation of global climate and sustainable development goals.

The Panta Rhea Foundation was established in 1998 by Hans Schöpflin in the USA. It is devoted to supporting organizations committed to building a more just and sustainable world. In addition, the foundation advises individual sponsors and other non-profit organizations on funding strategies and specific funding projects. The areas of grantmaking include »Deeper Learning & Creativity«, »Social Imagination & Engagement«, »Food & Democracy«, »Dignity, Freedom & Solidarity«, and »Resilience & Renewal«. Panta Rhea's work is characterised above all by strengthening partnerships and supporting the organisational development of the sponsoring partners.